Timetable - 

Due to the circumstances surrounding Covid-19 I have decided to take my whole business online.

However, I am still doing online Pilates classes.

I run a private Facebook group whereby I do three Live Facebook classes -

Monday 5.30pm

Wednesday 5.30pm

Friday 5.30pm

Access to the group is via a membership system of £10 per week and includes lots more. Please have a look at the shop page for more information.

Any health issues please let me know before taking the class.

I am also running Pilates sessions from The Furnace Kitchen in Coalbrookdale

(the setting is stunning!)

Keep your eye on my social media and the Book Events page for these.

Even though the gym's are closed I have a great set of home workouts for you available on my app Classes with Cara.

I also provide nutritional support, accountability, guidance and advice.

This includes 4 workouts a week and a core workout. A online check in form and all the support you need from me to achieve your goals.

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